Dr. Suzanne Behrens Losito

  • Dr.
    Suzanne Behrens-Losito

    Dr. Suzanne Behrens-Losito joined the Fairmount Animal Hospital team in 1992 after graduating second in her class at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Her specific interests include internal medicine, endocrinology, geriatrics and herbals.  


    Dr. Losito has 4 specific goals with each patient visit:

    1. Try to have the patient want to visit the veterinarian, to quell our patients' fears and make them enjoy the visit as much as possible (and the client as well).

    2. To empower the client to take the best care of their beloved pet and 'family member' that is possible, individualized for each situation.

    3. To provide the best care medically and surgically and preventatively (most important!) that she can, once again individualized for each situation.

    4. To treat each patient holistically, to address every aspect of the patient physically, internally, externally, but also emotionally, behaviorally to ensure the best possible bond between pet and pet owner.

    Herbal Medicine

    Dr. Losito has always had a love for veterinary internal medicine.  Many of her patients have challenging conditions, but the treatments can be successful and the outcome so rewarding!  She has always taken a holistic approach to patients and veterinary medicine - it has always been about the whole patient care.  Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years but is a new area of interest and expertise for. Dr.Losito.  Find out more information about this and the benefits to your overall pet care on our Herbal Therapy page.


    Dr. Losito's family includes an array of pets! 


    *Ghihardelli is a 29 year old Hoverian who was an 'extra' in the movie Stepmom!
    *Bella is a little 19 year old Pony
    *Lady is a 19 year old quarter horse
    *Everest is a 9 year old 'gentle giant' Oldenburg (he would be a black lab if he was a dog!



    *Nigerian dwarf goats: Jasper Joseph, Sophie Rose and her daughter Elsa Marie
    *Forever in our hearts is our dear sweet Yuri


    Wilbur and Piglet (brothers) and their big sister, Abagail


    *Maisy her orange tabby
    *Felix who is a tuxedo
    *Zekie is the newest addition, who is a sweetheart!



    *Al Fredo and Mitchell are the family English Bulldogs!
    *Winthrop is a Bernese Mountain Dog
    *Phoebe the Frenchie (French Bulldog)



    *Mango is a little concure who loves having her head rubbed!  
    *Kiwi is the family cockatiel

    *Forever in our hearts will be Neville who was a moustache parrot and could whistle the Adams Family theme!

    Guinea pigs and Tortoise

    *Herschel is the family guinea pig
    *Helen is the family russian tortoise  

    Geese, ducks, mandarins and a rooster 

    *4 Sebastopol Geese: Buddy, Sally, and Pickles (From Dick Van Dyke show!), Snowflake
    *1 buff goose, 1 pekin duck
    *Arnold the rooster!
    *5 Mandarins



    *Koi pond
    *Barney, who is a 20 year old Purple Tang that lives in the salt water fish tank


    Dr. Losito lives by the following principles:

    *Treat others as you would want to be treated

    *Treat others' pets as you would treat your own

    *Live in the now, which is what all animals do!  Love unconditionally as our pets do, they can teach us so much

    Dr. Losito follows the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills:

    1. Speak impeccably

    2. Don't make assumptions

    3. Don't take things personally

    4. Try your best



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