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Our Acupuncture department practices integrative medicine that is based on science, informed by research and inspired by nature. 



Dr. Sarah Logan, Acupuncturist

What is Western Medical Acupuncture?

Treatment involving the insertion of very fine needles in specific points along the body to produce desired effects such as triggering or inhibiting inflammatory responses, release of natural pain killers and modulation of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. Western Acupuncture adheres to principles of evidence-based medicine with the most up-to-date knowledge of veterinary anatomy, physiology and pathology.

What can be treated with acupuncture?

  • Chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or old injuries
  • Acute pain conditions such as after surgery, wounds or trauma
  • Improved comfort and pain control for palliative, hospice and/or cancer patients
  • Gastrointestinal disease such as IBD, constipation, vomiting
  • Urinary tract issues such as improving outcomes for obstructed or “blocked” cats, kidney disease, cystitis
  • Immune modulation for allergies, asthma, “hot spots” or upper respiratory congestion
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Neurologic disorders such as degenerative myelopathies, facial paralysis, intervertebral disc disease, improved seizure control

What is Integrative Medicine?

Acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cold laser therapy and veterinary massage are all forms of integrative medicine.  This means that we will recommend appropriate medical work up and treatment alongside these modalities as deemed necessary by the veterinarian.

What can I expect for my pet's first treatment?

The initial consult and treatment is one hour long and consists of an in-depth conversation and examination of your pet. At this appointment, we will discuss your pet's history and medical issues, expectations and explanation of what integrative medicine can provide and make a plan that may include multiple modalities (ex acupuncture, laser and/or massage) to help your pet feel his or her best. Then we will decide together how many follow up visits are appropriate for your pet.

The most important thing to evaluate is your pet's over all well-being. For example, some cats may be afraid at first and require a few sessions of laser or massage before we gain their trust and they allow dry needling techniques. We may not use every modality every time depending on what your pet is displaying to us about their pain, fear or comfort level.

Do you treat exotics?

Dr. Logan is comfortable treating cats, dogs and small exotics such as rabbits, guinea pigs and some reptiles. If you have an exotic pet, please feel free to call or email for details.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The honest answer is, not often but it can cause some level of discomfort depending on your pet. The needles are very small and very sharp so they are often not felt when being placed. However, if you have ever had a deep tissue massage, you know that there are points along your muscles that are more tender than others. These are known as "trigger points” and are ideal for acupuncture needling to help release the muscle fibers that are in constant state of contraction. This can cause initial soreness but will ultimately relax, reducing pain and improving overall comfort.

If a pet has a particularly painful area, we will choose a different modality such as laser or massage to avoid any unwarranted pain or upset.

Do I stay in the room for the treatment?

Absolutely! In fact, you are encouraged to stay with your pet for all modalities for their comfort. We also love it when pets come in with an appetite so they can enjoy taking treats from you while the treatments are being done. This is great for bonding and relaxation.

However - PLEASE tell your practitioner if you do not like the sight of needles, if your pet is protective of you, or tends to be more calm when you leave the room. We have a very nice treatment area which offers you and your pet low stress environment. Many people feel uncomfortable with needles so it is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about. Also, all pets are individuals so we want to respect their personal space and preferences.

Interested in learning more?  

Contact Dr. Logan at:  slogan@fairmountanimal.com or call us at 315-468-3446 to schedule a consultation appointment!


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Client Testimonials

"We have being taking our pets to Fairmount Animal Hospital for over 25 years, and needless to say, we are very pleased with their care. Everyone on the entire staff – Dr. Losito and all the other veterinarians as well as the technicians and receptionists – have always been warm, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and caring. Their larger new building is a top notch state-of-the art animal hospital with a comfortable reception area as well. Their expanded staff and extended hours make appointments more accommodating for us, so our pets can receive care when needed.
Everyone at Fairmount Animal Hospital truly loves animals, and they treat our pets as if they were their own. At each of our visits, they take the time to fully examine them pets, explain procedures and offer advice. They also take note of each of our pet’s unique personalities, so they can best treat each of them in the most effective and least upsetting manner.
Most importantly, we’ve been through difficult times as our pets aged. Everyone on the Fairmount Animal Hospital staff was especially understanding, compassionate and comforting.
In short, we love Fairmount Animal Hospital, and gratefully appreciate having them as our veterinarians. We highly recommend Fairmount Animal Hospital. We know your fur babies will definitely receive excellent care there."

- Carol A. / Syracuse

"At first, we weren't sure we'd like Fairmount Animal Hospital. Prior to becoming clients, we'd enjoyed years of personalized attention at a smaller one-vet practice. But when that practice abruptly closed, we were forced to find someone new. Everyone we asked gushed about FHA, noting their expanded hours, compassionate doctors and staff, and focus on continuous improvement of the facility and their offerings. Now we've been taking our fur babies there for several years, and I can say without reservation that FHA lives up to the great reviews. They always find a way to accommodate spur-of-the-moment visits, and it's such a relief that they offer Urgent Care and weekend hours. Bonus: they work well with our pet insurance company, faxing forms to ensure that we are reimbursed as quickly as possible! In sum, Fairmount Animal Hospital treats us with the same care that we lavish on our own four-legged family! We love them."

-Daeya M. / Syracuse

"My experience at Fairmount animal hospital was wonderful! Dr. Logan was very helpful and knowledgeable. The hospital itself is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend anyone with pets to check this place out!"

- Chris H. / Syracuse

"Amazing staff. Super friendly. Beautiful vibe, I loved it. The assistant my cat had before the vet came in was very informational and even though my cat was stressed and scared crapless he still cared for her and was very sweet and gentle. The vet was amazing and my baby girl took a liking to her sweet voice giving her assurance everything will be alright. Thank you so much! Very amazing first impression and we have decided to make this location our only location for our furbaby."

- Mella / Syracuse

"My experience at Fairmount animal hospital was wonderful! Dr. Logan was very helpful and knowledgeable. The hospital itself is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend anyone with pets to check this place out!"

- Chris / Syracuse

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Meet The Team "Dr. Eileen Fatcheric-Burns joined the Fairmount Animal Hospital team as a veterinarian in 1992. She graduated from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in" Read More



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