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Dental care for your pet is just as important as it is for every person. Without regular brushing or oral care, plaque builds up on a pet's teeth. Plaque allowed to build up on the tooth surface and around the gums can cause gum disease. The bacteria in dental plaque irritates the gums and can lead to infection in the bone around the teeth. Deposits from plaque help form hard dental tartar which can start to form within a few days on a tooth surface that is not routinely kept clean. The tartar provides a rough surface that enhances further plaque accumulation. Once it has begun to grow in thickness, tartar is difficult to remove without a thorough dental cleaning.

Irritated gums from plaque and tartar accumulation cause the gums to bleed, creating an opening for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The bacteria travels throughout the bloodstream and can negatively impact the heart, kidneys and liver. In addition to systemic problems poor dental health will eventually cause visible symptoms in your pet. Bad breath is usually the first complaint by pet owners. Other symptoms include blood tinged saliva, oral pain, loss of appetite and dropping food while eating.

A thorough dental cleaning by a trained professional will help get your pet feeling better. Our dental cleanings are equivalent to a periodontal cleaning for humans and are completed under general anesthesia. The dental procedure consists of a complete oral exam, probing along the gum line, accurate oral charting, ultrasonic scaling, polishing with fluoride paste and applying a sealant.  Dental radiographs are frequently used to diagnose hidden problems as typically more than 75% of a tooth is below the gumline. Diseased teeth are typically treated by extracting the tooth to eliminate future dental problems. Patients are sent home with a full dental care package and you are educated during the discharge appointment on preventative care to continue at home for your pet.

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Dental home care helps keep a pet's mouth free of pain and infection. Our staff stresses the importance of daily brushing, proper diet and disease prevention. Your pet's mouth with be clean and polished after our dental team assesses and treats diseased gums and teeth.


For more information on the dental procedure or if you would like an estimate, please ask one of our friendly staff members or check out the following links.  If you schedule a dental procedure within 30 days of receiving an estimate, you can save 15% off the dental cleaning.*

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Complete Dental Procedure

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