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End of Life Services (Euthanasia)

What is euthanasia? 

One of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will face is the decision to have a pet euthanized or “put to sleep”. Because most pets’ life spans are so much shorter than that of humans, losing a pet during your lifetime is quite likely.  We all hope our pets will live long, healthy lives; then, when their time comes at a ripe old age, they will just drift peacefully off in their sleep. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some of our pets will be afflicted with devastating, incurable diseases like cancer. Some will become crippled to the point of suffering by diseases like arthritis. There may come a point in time where the pain and suffering they must endure destroys all quality of life. If there is nothing more we can do to help them, a choice to euthanize is humane, kind, loving and unselfish. In veterinary medicine, we are given a great gift in that we can alleviate pain and avoid anticipated future suffering for our beloved pets, in such a gentle, peaceful, dignified manner.

When the time comes, for most of us it is a very difficult and emotional time. Sometimes, it can even be frightening, especially for people who have never had a pet euthanized before.  Having no idea what the procedure involves or generally what to expect adds to the pet owner's distress.

How to Know When It's Time

Only you as the pet owner can really know when it's time.  You see your pet day to day and witness their quality of life.  However, you can also consult your veterinarian; they are a great resource and will be able to offer objective, sound advice.  Your pet will also give you signs when they're in pain. Consult the following resources to evaluate your pet's quality of life.  

Quality of Life

How to Tell if Your Cat is in Pain

How to Tell if Your Dog is in Pain

What to Expect

At Fairmount Animal Hospital, there are several different ways to approach this difficult event. Some people do not wish to be present for the euthanasia itself. They prefer to say good-bye to their pets, and entrust them to us and our very caring team members for the actual euthanasia. When this happens, your pet is attended to immediately. There is no waiting in a cage or holding area. Your pet is handled gently and with respect. The injection itself is an anesthetic drug called pentobarbitol. It is injected into a vein on a front leg. Because it is an anesthetic agent, your pet will painlessly lose consciousness first, similar to being anesthetized for a surgical procedure. Then, while your pet is peacefully unaware, the drug goes on to cause cardiac and respiratory arrest. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Many people prefer to stay with their pet throughout the entire process, so that they can share those final moments. When you come in with your pet, your doctor will discuss with you some available options that can help make this difficult experience as peaceful and easy as possible, for both your pet and you. If your pet is still active and alert, electing to have a sedative given ahead of time makes the time when the actual euthanasia injection is given quieter, more peaceful, less dramatic, and easier to witness. The sedative will relax your pet to the point of sleeping, so your pet is less aware of the insertion of the needle. Your doctor may also offer the pre-placement of an intravenous catheter so that your pet doesn't have to feel a needle stick at all during the actual euthanasia. Again, the drug used for the euthanasia is an anesthetic agent, so your pet will not feel any pain or anxiety. Your pet will lose consciousness first, then drift peacefully away.

At-Home Euthanasia 

Fairmount Animal Hospital offers you the opportunity to say goodbye to your beloved pet in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, by your pet's side the entire time. Our mission is to make the heartbreaking process as peaceful and personalized as possible. Please call us to set up your appointment or if you have any questions about the process.


The next decision you must make is what to have done with your pet's remains. Cremation is the most popular choice, as home burial is often difficult or impossible. Our hospital provides a group cremation option, which means your pet's ashes will not be returned to you. If you would like to have your pet's ashes back to keep or to spread somewhere special, we work with a cremation service that offers individual cremation. They also offer a very nice service in that they will come to our hospital to pick up and transport your pet's remains, sparing you this painful duty. For those who wish to bury their pet at home, we provide basic cardboard caskets and remind you to check your local burial laws.

If you're interested in purchasing uniquely made pet urns, visit www.Malloryvillepottery.com.     


Dealing with Your Grief

If you find you are having a difficult time, there are many resources available for help with grief associated with pet loss.  Sometimes, beautiful thoughts and words can help.  The following are some of our favorites here at Fairmount Animal Hospital:

Beyond the Rainbow

Home at Last

I am Not There

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Sequel

Request from Rainbow Bridge

There are also area support hotlines and groups available to you.

Cornell Support Hotline

(607) 253-3932

Hope for the Bereaved

4500 Onondaga Blvd.

Syracuse, New York 13219

Office: (315) 475-9675

Helpline: (315) 475-HOPE (4673)

Fax: (315) 475-3298

E-mail: hopeforbereaved@cnymail.com

Lyndon Veterinary Clinic - Support Group

6867 East Genesee Street

Fayetteville, New York 13066

(315) 445-8170



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Client Testimonials

"We have being taking our pets to Fairmount Animal Hospital for over 25 years, and needless to say, we are very pleased with their care. Everyone on the entire staff – Dr. Losito and all the other veterinarians as well as the technicians and receptionists – have always been warm, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and caring. Their larger new building is a top notch state-of-the art animal hospital with a comfortable reception area as well. Their expanded staff and extended hours make appointments more accommodating for us, so our pets can receive care when needed.
Everyone at Fairmount Animal Hospital truly loves animals, and they treat our pets as if they were their own. At each of our visits, they take the time to fully examine them pets, explain procedures and offer advice. They also take note of each of our pet’s unique personalities, so they can best treat each of them in the most effective and least upsetting manner.
Most importantly, we’ve been through difficult times as our pets aged. Everyone on the Fairmount Animal Hospital staff was especially understanding, compassionate and comforting.
In short, we love Fairmount Animal Hospital, and gratefully appreciate having them as our veterinarians. We highly recommend Fairmount Animal Hospital. We know your fur babies will definitely receive excellent care there."

- Carol A. / Syracuse

"At first, we weren't sure we'd like Fairmount Animal Hospital. Prior to becoming clients, we'd enjoyed years of personalized attention at a smaller one-vet practice. But when that practice abruptly closed, we were forced to find someone new. Everyone we asked gushed about FHA, noting their expanded hours, compassionate doctors and staff, and focus on continuous improvement of the facility and their offerings. Now we've been taking our fur babies there for several years, and I can say without reservation that FHA lives up to the great reviews. They always find a way to accommodate spur-of-the-moment visits, and it's such a relief that they offer Urgent Care and weekend hours. Bonus: they work well with our pet insurance company, faxing forms to ensure that we are reimbursed as quickly as possible! In sum, Fairmount Animal Hospital treats us with the same care that we lavish on our own four-legged family! We love them."

-Daeya M. / Syracuse

"My experience at Fairmount animal hospital was wonderful! Dr. Logan was very helpful and knowledgeable. The hospital itself is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend anyone with pets to check this place out!"

- Chris H. / Syracuse

"Amazing staff. Super friendly. Beautiful vibe, I loved it. The assistant my cat had before the vet came in was very informational and even though my cat was stressed and scared crapless he still cared for her and was very sweet and gentle. The vet was amazing and my baby girl took a liking to her sweet voice giving her assurance everything will be alright. Thank you so much! Very amazing first impression and we have decided to make this location our only location for our furbaby."

- Mella / Syracuse

"My experience at Fairmount animal hospital was wonderful! Dr. Logan was very helpful and knowledgeable. The hospital itself is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend anyone with pets to check this place out!"

- Chris / Syracuse

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